Anonymous asked: Can you do a tutorial on how you edited Emma's eyes on your sidebar? x I'd appreciate it. ;3

I posted it about a month ago here :3

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iknowtheskieswillbleed asked: Do you have ideas for tumblr url of the icons? sorry my english ;-;

I’m not sure who has icons honestly ;_; I’m never on tumblr anymore so I don’t really know who has them.

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Anonymous asked: Could you please do a tutorial on how to change hair color? Or what color you use to change a brunette to a blonde?

just posted~ xo.

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Hair Color Change - Tutorial

This is actually a really simple technique for changing hair color. We’re going from brunette to blonde, but this will work for just about any hair color change :3

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majorlytwilightfreak asked: I just want to express my love for this page! I recently found this site and I must say it is so useful and helpful! :)

Thank you so much, dear!~ It means a lot :3

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uttergraphics asked: Hello! I make icons, headers and wallpapers. Can you please give me a promo? I'd really appreciate it.

Go follow them guys!~ (;

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