Lightened Eyes

This is a tutorial on… well, basically how to do this effect.

I’m not making this exact edit, because I made it too long ago to remember the exact psd I used and what not, but this is the basic technique on how to make eyes lighter and more defined.

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nics-m asked: how do you make your icons soft?

Um, well for mine I just use .2 for my smart sharpen instead of .3 or .4 :3

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soehyun asked: hey, do you know how to apply topaz on gifs?

Basically, if you know how to convert a gif to smart filters before sharpening (rather than sharpening each individual frame) you do the same steps but at the end, you apply topaz instead. It’ll take 5ever to save, but it comes out looking pretty cool in the end :3

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Anonymous asked: where could i download photoshop?
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Anonymous asked: Can u post some tutorials or some textures pleaseeee

I have a lot of textures posted here:
but I’ll work on a resource pack for 3K at some point <3 
I’m about 8 away :3

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Anonymous asked: Hi! For your icon tutorial, you mentioned on using softer sharpening settings. Would you be able to post a cropping of your softer sharpening settings here? Thanks!

I don’t really have any specific settings, I just lower the intensity of my smart sharpen from .04/.03 to .02

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